It's Just another day

Black n' White Comic...With Some Really Colorful Characters!

It's Just another day #0

An hour before the events of It's Just another day, Jake has a run in with none other than Ariane Eldar from 'Theater of the Bloody Tongue' and 'SteamPunk Gorgon'!

It's Just another day -Chapter 1 Preview

Jake's story begins in It's Just another day Chapter 1- Scream! Catch some preview pages here!

It's Just another day -Chapter 2 Preview

Jake's tale continues as he and his folks try to make due with their new surroundings. New love rears its head, tensions mount, and an already fragile union starts to crack in this second chapter of It's Just another day!

Long Road To Depression

Jake enters senior year...let the games begin!

Me and Suzie

Jake breaks out of his shell...He hopes!

It Could Have Been a Dream

Reeling from last chapters shocking conclusion, where will life go from here?

Until You've Tried

This is one I've waited for! You'll just have to wait and see- BluRaven C. Houvener

The Word of Parrot

This is it! The final chapter...Jake's whole journey has lead to this.