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As of roughly ten minutes ago I uploaded the final two chapters! That brings us up ta' date until September when "It's Just another day" starts back up from the annual summer hiatus. This year's hiatus start was an exciting place ta' stop as the story told a' story within, and not just any story! It was 8 pages of humor n' nolstalgic goodness, as Jake told a' story of Young St. Nic, his father, also based off of my departed father and legendary underground recording artist, Nicodemus. This comic has been featured on a' few different websites including two Tumblr blogs, and has recieved some pretty awesome praise. Not bragging, just excited. I can't wait for september ta' come around so I can start back up again!

by BluRaven C. Houvener

I'm BluRaven C. Houvener, writer and illustrator of "It's Just another day". I'm new here on Comicfury, but I'm glad ta' be here! Not only is it an amazing site, but also unlike my official site( it's viewable on mobile devices! I've uploaded the first Chapter, consisting of the first three installments I started makin' back in 2006. It's still very rough and unpolished, as i was growing as an artist and deciding what I was tryin' ta' do with the comic as a' whole! I'm actually in the process of reworkin' these pages, cleanin' em up somethin' fierce n' gettin' em all set for my first official publication I'm lookin' ta' get out this summer(2014). I hope ya'll dig the comic, n' keep yer eyes peeled, i've always got somethin' goin' on here ;)
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by BluRaven C. Houvener